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Principal's Message:

Welcome to West Ridge Elementary School!  Here at WR, we believe in addressing the needs of the entire child and providing them with a solid foundation, which students can build upon during their time here, as well as in the future.  

Children's growth in elementary school, both academically and socially, is an integral part of their development.  Children take so many important steps during these PreK-6 years and it is our responsibility to celebrate their successes, but just as importantly, give them the freedom to make mistakes that they can learn from.  

Student leadership is encouraged throughout the West Ridge years.  The steps of our character education and Social Emotional Learning programs, instill in children important pillars of social development and the day to day life at school provides numerous chances for children to take on leadership opportunities, make new friends, and forge bonds that will last well beyond their years in our school.

Student safety has become even more important in recent years and is taken very seriously in our school building.  Regular practice and proactive steps are taken to ensure that all our students are prepared and safe at all times.  We work hand in hand with local law enforcement and the state to make sure that our building and our staff provide what we need for our kids.

Lastly, our learning environment is one where kids want to come to school and can enjoy these important elementary school years. At West Ridge, we truly consider ourselves a "family" and there is a great feel of comradery, respect, and encouragement.  A wonderful staff and terrific kids come through our doors every day and, with that, memories and experiences that will last a lifetime can take place at any time.  

I am proud to be a member of the Park Ridge School District and look forward to working closely with everyone during the coming year.  

Chris Kirkby (

Christopher Kirkby, Principal
Erin McCarthy, Assistant to the Principal
Toni Sansone, Office Secretary
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