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HIB Policy Information

The Park Ridge School District strives to be an open and welcoming place for all of our students - Every Owl Every Day! We take reports of harassment, intimidation, or bullying very seriously and strive to keep our staff and students up to date and supported in order to eliminate bullying on our campus. 

If you have any information regarding the potential bullying of any student, please notify the appropriate staff member (see staff list below). 

Although we strongly recommend immediate and direct (phone) reporting of any potential bullying-related incident, we are also providing staff, parents and students with the ability to file reports electronically.  Parents and students may report information anonymously. 
NOTE: All reports are investigated, but no disciplinary action will be taken based solely on anonymous reports.

HELP STOP CYBERBULLYING! What Kids Need to Know:  

  • Never give out personal information online, whether in instant message profiles, chat rooms, blogs or personal websites. 
  • If someone sends a mean or threatening message, don't respond.  Save it or print it out and show it to an adult.
  • Never open emails from someone you don't know or from someone you know is a bully.
  • Don't put anything online that you wouldn't want your classmates to see, even in email.
  • Don't send messages when you're angry.  Before clicking "send,"  ask yourself how you would feel if you received the message.
  • Help kids who are bullied online by not joining in and showing bullying messages to an adult.
  • Always be as polite online as you are in person.

What Parents Can Do:

  • Keep your home computer in a busy area of your house.  
  • Set up email and chat accounts with your children.  Make sure that you know their screen names and passwords and that they don't include any personal    information in their online profiles.  
  • Regularly go over their instant messenger "buddy list" with them.  Ask who each person is and how your children know him or her.  
  • Discuss cyberbullying with your children and ask if they have ever experienced it or seen it happen to someone.
  •  Tell your children that you won't blame them if they are cyberbullied.  Emphasize that you won't take away their computer privileges – this is the main reason kids don't tell adults when they are cyberbullied.